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Normal Female Sexual Function

‘Female sexual health’ is a result of interplay of many underlying physiological and psychological processes and hence is a complex thing which is closely linked to woman's overall quality of life. The normal female sexual response involves genital pelvic organs (vulva, clitoris, labia majora and minora) and the internal pelvic structures (vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes). Many areas of the Brain & spinal cord (for example hippocampus, hypothalamus, limbic system, and medial pre-optic area) also play major role in the normal female sexual response. Many neurotransmitters (chemicals secreted by brain like serotonin, dopamine, nor epinephrine, epinephrine, opioids, nitric oxide and acetylcholine) ensure the normal sexual function in females. Normal secretion and proper utilization of hormones (like sex steroids, estradiol and testosterone) is also essential for the normal genital response and overall sexual health in females


Normal female sexual response is expressed in four stages as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Excitement - In normal females, neurotransmitters are secreted by nerve cells after sexual stimulation. This leads to relaxation of vascular smooth muscles at female genitalia. Smooth muscle relaxation results in increased vaginal lubrication, engorgement of vaginal wall and expansion of diameter of vaginal opening. The length and diameter of clitoris increases and the engorgement of breasts occurs.


  • Phase 2 - Plateaus - Swelling of the tissues in the vagina continues and vaginal opening starts contracting. Clitoris withdraws into the clitoral hood; labia minora increases in size & turn reddish-purple.


  • Phase 3 - Orgasm - Contractions get started at pelvic muscles around the vagina. The uterus and anal sphincter also contracts in a throbbing or rhythmic way. Spasm of muscles may occur; blood pressure & heart rate reach a peak. The contractions (which occur at different speeds and in different amounts) are experienced as highly pleasurable feelings.


  • Phase 4 - Resolution - This is a time immediately following an orgasm when female body begins to return to its “normal” state. At this phase blood flows out from genitals, swelling decreases, muscle tension and skin flush go away and there is a general feeling of relaxation.

    Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

    Any abnormality in the above mentioned four phases of the normal sexual response is called Female Sexual Dysfunction. It may present as a low sexual desire, absence of sexual fantasies, avoidance of sexual contact, lack of sexual excitement, inability to achieve orgasm, and pain during sexual intercourse.  More than 30% women experience sexual dysfunction and its prevalence increases with age, after menopause and with decline in circulating estrogen levels. Sexual dysfunctions can interfere with intimacy, can affect a martial relationship, and ultimately erode well-being and overall health of the woman.


Causes of FSD

  • Hormonal disturbances - Research studies have showed that decreased levels of Estrogen hormone due to menopause or poor functioning of endocrine glands (viz. pituitary, thyroid, adrenals or ovaries) may cause vaginal dryness and menopausal syndrome which can lead to sexual dysfunction. Inadequate vaginal lubrication also leads to painful conditions like dyspareunia, vaginitis, and vaginismus. This affects sexual desire, sexual responsiveness, and sexual satisfaction. Low levels of Testosterone also may hamper the sexual response in females.

  • Medications - Certain medications or treatment modalities can negatively affect the sexual function in females. These include medicines used for psychiatric illnesses (viz. antipsychotics, SSRIs), cardiac ailments, allergy and flu (viz. Anti-Histamines), Oral contraceptives pills, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

  • Physical illnesses - Various physical illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Anemia, Cancer, Urological diseases, Neurological diseases can lead to altered sexual function in females.

  • Psychological - Various psychological factors (viz. anxiety, depression, past sexual abuse, substance abuse, marital discord, hate for partner, lack of privacy), poor technical skills in the partner and cultural conflicts can also affect sexual function in females.

Types of FSD:

According to American Foundation of Urological Diseases (AFUD), there are five types of FSD:

1. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder - In this type, there is a persistent or recurring deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies, thoughts, or receptivity to sexual activity.

2. Sexual aversion disorder
- It is a persistent or recurring fearful dislike & avoidance of sexual contact. It can be a result of physical or sexual abuse or trauma.

3. Sexual arousal disorders
- There is a persistent or recurring inability to attain or maintain sufficient sexual excitement, causing personal distress. Subtypes of sexual arousal disorder are subjective arousal dissorder, genital arousal disorder, and combined arousal disorder.

4. Orgasmic disorder
- There is a persistent or recurrent difficulty or inability in attaining orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation & arousal, causing personal distress.

5. Sexual pain syndromes
- This subtype include dyspareunia, vaginismus, and other pain disorders. These all are characterized by painful sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of FSD:

Females suffering from one or more of the following symptoms can have a sexual dysfunction:

    • Low libido
    • Anxiety/Depression
    • Vaginal dryness
    • Pain and discomfort with intercourse
    • Decreased genital sensation
    • Decreased arousal
    • Difficulty in achieving orgasm


    Current treatments for FSD:

    Though some physicians advise following treatments for the treatment of FSD; these are not approved by FDA.

    1. i. Estrogen Therapy - Estrogen is given orally or in the form of intramuscular injections or applied locally in gel form. It can improve quality of sexual life in females; but hormone supplementation in chemical form increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancers of ovaries & breasts.

    1. ii. Androgen Therapy - One common but still controversial treatment for female sexual dysfunction is androgen therapy. Oral esterified estrogen with methyl-testosterone is used to increase libido, mood, and bone mineral density. But long-term safety and efficacy of androgen therapy has not yet been established and it also increases the risk of cancers of ovaries & breasts in females.


    1. iii. Tibolone - This agent, which is currently unavailable in the United States, is thought to reduce hot flashes, increase bone mineral density, and have a positive effect on vaginal dryness. It may also improve desire but not sexual function. Studies of the impact of tibolone on lipid metabolism and hemostasis are inconclusive, and long-term effects remain unknown.

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