Medical Reviews

A herbalist’s views…

I am a practicing herbalist and always rued the fact that there was a dearth of female enhancement products. Femvigor is the best herbal supplement that deals with sexual problems relating to women. I have been observing the development of Femvigor since its launch in the herbal arena. It has demonstrated excellent results. Yes, it is a powerful combination.
- Jeremy Brown, Victoria, Australia

A Doctor’s wisdom…

Women are most affected by hormonal changes. These changes are periodic as well as occasional but are so strong that they induce extreme mood swings and annoying physical conditions. A dry vagina is one such state. I have been recommending some lubricants for local application and drugs that bring on a proper hormonal function. The drugs being chemical did have some side-effects. Femvigor did not show such side-effects. Moreover, it has a comprehensive action on the female reproductive system that attends to a dry vagina and a low libido. Consequently, I started recommending Femvigor to all of my patients who experienced this distress.
- Dr. Janeale Henson, Gynecologist, CA, USA

A psychologist explains…

Many women came to my office for counseling. Women get mentally disturbed when they are not able to fulfill the wishes of their partner. A low sex drive is particularly upsetting. This problem was not mental but purely hormonal. Hence, the counseling sessions were not rewarding and so some of the women opted out. Some of these females started taking Femvigor and narrated about its effects during some counseling sessions. I noticed a positive change in their behavioral patterns after starting Femvigor.

- Dr. Narumi Watanabe, Psychologist, Osaka, Japan

A Doctor speaks…

I was not aware of Femvigor until one of my patients described it to me a year back. A colleague who is also proficient in herbal medicine helped me get an idea of the exact working and effects of this drug. Abelmoschus moschatus, Sida cordifolia, A. adscendens, A. Pyrethrum are strong and safe herbs.I appreciate the quick and effective action of Femvigor.
- Dr. Leroy Armistead, Herbalist, Michigan, USA

Customer Testimonials

"As I aged, I never considered the changes that would follow my menopause. I am 55 and the last five years of my life have actually been tormenting. I could not have fun during sexual activity and remained irritated during the whole day even though I did not intend to. My partner too had started getting upset with each passing day but I could not help it. At last, I visited a gynecologist who recommended Femvigor. My life has changed since then. I feel increasing vitality and enjoy nights with my partner. Thanks to Femvigor."

- Matilda, 55, Quebec Canada

"...I only want to say that I experience multiple orgasms since I started taking Femvigor and I love it. I don’t feel dry any longer. Yes, Femvigor works!!!"

- Samantha, 39, Green Bay, Wisconsin

" wife used to get irritated quickly after the birth of our baby girl. She did not take active part in sexual activity and I did not know the reason. I spoke to one of my female friends about my wife and she answered my questions. In a few days, I ordered Femvigor from this site and urged her to use it. She is back to her ravishing form since then. I am pleased with this change..."
- Andrew, 34, Wales, UK

"I had tried all measures to increase the flexibility of my vaginal lining but in fact they proved to be of short-term only. I required something that would give me a permanent reprieve from this condition. So, I took the advice of my doctors and began using Femvigor. It was an OTC supplement and did not even require any prescription. In 7 days, I felt extremely at ease as I was comfortable doing my daily activities and I knew Femvigor had successfully done its work."
- Cherry, 29, Queensland, Australi

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